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You don't coerce or injure others. Why can politicians do it?

Should it be illegal to criticize a Congressman?

We want to file a new Supreme Court amicus brief. Here's the case...

  • A political committee called the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA) wanted to erect billboards criticizing an incumbent congressman

  • The congressman complained to the Ohio Elections Commission (OEC)

  • The OEC found probable cause that the SBA billboards violated the law!

  • Fearing prosecution, the billboard company refused the ads


So much for free expression. But it gets worse...


The congressman lost re-election. He then strategically withdrew his complaint. But SBA still wanted the question resolved. Even if no one was penalized in this instance, would their expression -- would your expression -- be banned in a future election cycle?  


Two federal courts declined to hear the case, since no one was currently being prosecuted. But the Supreme Court disagreed. They're taking the case, and here's what we want to argue in our brief...

  • Courts don't have a right to dodge First Amendment cases  

  • The validity of political speech must be judged by voters, not bureaucrats  


We also want to share some eye-opening quotes from James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, to demonstrate what those gentlemen would have thought about this issue.




Will we be able to fund such a brief?


We want your values to be seen by the Court and by their observers.


But without your help, we cannot do it. We need...

  • Two $1,000 patrons

  • Two or more $500 sponsors

  • 50 or more generous donations of various sizes. Every bit will help

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Thanks in advance for helping us deliver this message

Jim Babka


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