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You don't coerce or injure others. Why can politicians do it?

The State wouldn't be so evil if it behaved the way Netflix has

Netflix has apologized and changed its policies because of customer complaints about alterations to its service. So reports the Washington Post. But you will search, and search in vain, for similar responsiveness out of the State when its programs fail, or are unpopular. Instead . . .

We find that politicians pass things like TARP and Obamacare in the face of massive public disapproval.

This highlights the superiority of the voluntary sector versus the State. I can refuse to do business with Netflix, if I disapprove of them, but I am forced, on the threat of violence, to obey and pay for everything the State does. To me, this makes the voluntary sector good, and the State evil.

I also think that the constant failure to see these crucial distinctions makes statism an especially egregious form of arrogance.

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